From the Director’s Heart:

“Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep.” This is our instruction from Romans 12:15. Oh, how we all love the rejoicing! Our staff are some of the best “rejoicers” with our clients. New baby – shouts of joy! New job – clapping hands! Celebrating days of sobriety – tears of joy! But there are times when weeping is what is needed.

Our new client management system allows for secure texting. Since most of the generation we serve are averse to actual phone conversations, this new feature has been a wonderful blessing. One of the ways we use this technology is checking on moms around their due date. Recently, our nurse reached out to Callie* for such a check. Callie confided in Holly, our nurse manager, that she had experienced a miscarriage a few months earlier. She told her about the heartbreak of initially considering abortion, then embracing motherhood, and tragically losing her baby. Broken is the word Holly used to describe Callie’s emotional state. We could not “fix” any of Callie’s heartbreak, but we could listen and weep with her. While others in her life were telling her to forget about it, or just move on, Holly wept with her, validating the real and heavy grief. Most importantly, she shared how Jesus weeps with us and walks with us through hard times.

Your partnership provides the staff and technology to reach out to Callie and many in the same situation. Because of YOU, we can use whatever means necessary to rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep.

Thank you for your commitment to ministry to broken people.

Committed for LIFE,