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Focus on the One – Our 2020 Year In Review

“Now that 2021 is upon us and the culture in our country is shifting away from acknowledging the sanctity of human life, our work is more important than ever. With three locations fully operational, we anticipate another unprecedented year, serving more pregnant and parenting families than ever. While we are not sure how many clients may come through our doors, we will live in expectation of ONE more. One more client who needs to see her child on ultrasound to make a choice for life. One more dad who needs to be encouraged in his valuable role in the life of his child. One more young person who needs to know their value does not lie in sexual contact. One more family who needs to be encouraged with lessons and resources. One more Gospel conversation leading to one more image-bearer coming to faith in Christ. One more – one at a time!

Why? Because every number has a name, every name has a story, and every story matters to God!”      Rose Condra, Executive Director

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