It is fair to say that our Staff are “all jazzed up” about the results of the 2023 Next Generation Banquet! 

On Thursday, April 20, over 550 friends arrived at Plantation Hall and were encouraged to fight for the lives of preborn babies and their parents.  Scott Klusendorf delivered a powerful message about pressing in for moms and dads and babies and pressing on in the fight against abortion in truth and love.

This year’s testimony video featured the mom of the first baby born into the CHOICES ministry. She shared about the hope and help she received and how thankful she was to now be the mom of a graduating senior. Emma, a teen volunteer, related her “why” in serving in the Blessing Boutique.  A young couple described the struggles of being parents in high school. They shared the impact of the help they received as well as the ongoing support. 

Not only was there record attendance, but once partners understood what was at stake, they gave. By “gave,” I mean sacrificially. Gifts given prior to the event, the night of the event, and promised over the next 12 months totaled a record-shattering $277,000. With five centers now under the CHOICES umbrella, these funds are truly life-saving. Client numbers are up 30% over this same period last year, and the Lord is using hundreds of partners LIKE YOU to provide valuable resources to vulnerable families.

You can read the report from our Executive Director HERE.

How would we describe the 2023 Next Generation Banquet – this is the Lord’s doing and it is marvelous in our eyes!